Add: 500m far from south of Jiaocheng Economic Development Park, Shanxi Prov.,China.
Telephone exchange: +86-358-3521714
Marketing Dep.: +86-358-3521713
+86-3521715 / 3526130
Purchase Dept.: +86-358-3526201
Fax: +86-358-3521716

About us

Shanxi Xintianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise who specialize in producing pharmaceutical intermediates.

The factory is located in Jiaocheng county, Shanxi prov., China, It is around 50km far away from Taiyuan City and Wuxu Airport. The traffic is very convenient.

The management is in a good order. It has passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Assurance, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Assurance as well as GB/28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Now we have organized the high-quality technicians group, including Doctors, Masters and Bachelors etc. Also, the company has established the closed Production-Teaching-Research cooperation relationship with some famous universities of China. So far we have successfully developed Cephalosporins intermediates and the intermediates of X-CT Nonionic contrast media etc.

The company's value is PEOPLE-ORIENTED,INTEGRITY-BASED,QUALITY-FIRST and TECHNOLOGY-POWERED. We will continue to accomplish the mission, "TO SUPPLY THE HIGH-QUALITY PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS FOR HUMANS' HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ", and will make full use of the high-quality talents to technology innovation and depend on our High-technology products to develop the world market.

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